Review of MAC Osbourne Collection – Eyeshadow

Sharon Osborne Eyes

Last week in MAC stores, the Osbourne Collection launched, with a Sharon Osbourne and a Kelly Osbourne line.  Both are Ah-mazing! I, unfortunately, was not in time to get all the Kelly lipsticks, which I desperately wanted.  But I did get both eyeshadow palettes! This post is about the Sharon Osbourne eyeshadow quad.

Sharon Osbourne: Duchess Eyeshadow Palette

The colors in this palette are:

Sweet Eyes – A light golden nude (upper left of the palette)
Sexy Eyes – A soft warm bronze (upper right of the palette) I think it’s a great rose gold!!
Femme Fatale – Golden brown (lower left of the palette)
Embark – Dark reddish brown (lower right of the palette) A MAC standard color

Sharon Eyes 3

On this day, I put Sweet Eyes on the lid, on the inner corner of the eye, and on the highlight. I used Sexy Eyes on the lid on the outer corners of each lid, taking it from about 3/4 of the way out to meet the crease. Then, I used Femme Fatale in the upper part of the crease and under the bottom lashes. Last, I used Embark on the outer part of the crease.



I love the colors in this palette.  I think they work great together, and can be used totally on their own if you don’t want to grab anything else that day or add any other colors. Can be used for a great rosy-gold spring eye, or can be darkened up a bit when fall and winter roll around, or for a smoky eye at night.  This is a great versatile palette that will look great on everyone!!  Great job MAC and Sharon! LOVE. It. You can get the palette online here.