Review of Maleficent Collection by MAC

Maleficent EyesLast week the Maleficent Collection by MAC came out in stores on Thursday. Here’s a look I did with the eyeshadow 4 pack, with Goldmine, Ground Brown, Concrete, and Carbon in it. I used the Prolongwear eyeshadow Carefree in the highlight.


Maleficent EyeThe collection has a great pro sculpting powder, a highlight powder/beauty powder, lipglass, lipstick, nail polish, eye liner, brown liner, lashes, and a prep and prime highlighter. They made the collection using products they used to do makeup for the actual movie, which is AWESOME!!



This eyeshadow 4 pack is amazing. I love all the colors and have owned them all separately before, but such a great quad to own. They are great in a collection together!!

You should check it out ASAP!!